Farm & Ranch Insurance

At Watts & Kennedy Agencies, we take pride in being Montanans insuring Montanans. As a local agency located in Montana, we understand the unique insurance needs of farms and ranches in the region.

Our Coverage Includes:

Customized Coverage for Your Farm or Ranch: Whether you own a hobby farm, or a grain/hay farm, we can develop a comprehensive insurance policy that protects you and your livelihood. Our team specializes in crafting insurance solutions that cater to the specific requirements of your operations.

Livestock Insurance: Livestock insurance is multifaceted, offering various policy options to suit your needs. We provide coverage for specific activities, such as livestock transit and auction market coverage. Additionally, you can secure coverage for individual animals, including poultry, pasture, dairy cattle, and high-value animals like studs.

Farm Equipment Insurance: Running a farm or ranch requires a range of specialized equipment, from tractors to irrigation machinery, trailers to combines. These essential, costly machines are crucial to your farm’s proper and efficient operation. Our farm equipment insurance offers reimbursement for losses and damages, ensuring you stay operational even during unexpected challenges.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Farms and Ranches employing workers should prioritize workers’ compensation coverage. This essential protection ensures that you won’t be solely responsible for medical expenses and lost wages in case of work-related injuries to your employees.

At Watts & Kennedy Agencies, we are committed to supporting the agricultural community by providing reliable, tailored insurance solutions for Montana farms and ranches. Contact us today to learn more about our farm insurance options and secure the peace of mind you deserve.


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